How to Care for Your Embroidery

Embroidery of a woman in pink with camellias in her hair

Much like any piece of art, please treat each embroidery with love and care. Here are some tips to ensure your embroidered art remains the heirloom it was meant to be!

  1. Do not pull on threads as it could cause them come loose, begin to fray or unravel entirely.
  2. Do not press on the canvas. It is stretched tightly, and pressing on it could cause indentation in the canvas or cause it to sag as it loosens.
  3. Do not remove the embroidery from the hoop. This will cause damage to the paper backing and potentially the canvas itself.
  4. Avoid displaying your embroidery in direct sunlight. Excessive UV light exposure will cause the colors in the paint, fabric and embroidery floss to fade.
  5. Avoid storing or displaying your embroidery in areas with high humidity and little airflow. Use archival-quality waterproof boxes if storing your embroidery for a long period of time.
  6. Avoid contact with water as it can cause the watercolor paint on the fabric to run.
  7. Do not spray with protective coating sprays or similar products as the chemicals could react with the thread dyes.